Rosse Gates

Rosse Gates

Choose new experiences over the experiences you love

I’m a San Francisco based engineer, marketer, and content creator building tools that help businesses test new ideas and iterate quickly.

I built quadcopters and sensors and wondered how to test them in the market, so I taught myself how to sell consumer products through Eleframes.

Then, I learned how to sell new B2B tech through SyncSpace and Aerial Delivery.

I continuously improve how I sell my ideas. Today, I lead the AlphaVoice team helping others do the same.

My amazing parents, three brothers, and best friends push me forward at every step.

My Projects

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Video Email Marketing Tech

AlphaVoice combines a Netflix-like video channel, a Mailchimp-like email sending platform, and an ApolloData-like lead database. Together they create a network effect where the more data and emails sent, the more traffic is driven to the AlphaVoice site and the more people learn about our offering. New clients find out about our services through the actions of our current clients allowing us to provide services to our clients at a fraction of the traditional cost because our product is our viral marketing campaign.

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Blockchain Marketing Experts

Justin Beiber helped YouTube explode. The majority of creators think “Because Usher found Justin on YouTube and helped him become famous, I should be on YouTube so I also have a chance at being successful.” We worked to apply the same strategy to our video platform. I helped interview over 250 blockchain startups and taught them how to tell their story in an easy to digest narrative. We then took over marketing campaigns for a couple companies. We believed that AlphaVoice would succeed if one massively successful blockchain company attributed their marketing successes to our technology.

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Meridio Marketing

Real Estate on Blockchain Campaign

I traveled across the United States interviewing founders, employees, and property managers about Meridio’s tokenized real estate concept. I set up a marketing funnel to sell their tokenized assets through targeted video-email campaigns, funneled into a webinar, and closed with a one-on-one sales call. The campaign never launched due to a restructuring of the company on the scheduled week of launch.

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Voice Projects

Amazon Alexa Powered … Everything

My twin brother is the Amazon Alexa designer & developer. With his help, I designed an Amazon Alexa powered vending machine, A rumba that plays marco-polo with kids, and a number of other “stunts” to attract an audience and help him sell more voice contracts.

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Teaching Marketing

Catching The Video Marketing Wave

It’s hard to sell the value of video to companies without a campion who wants to be on camera. In order to jumpstart sales conversations with clients around the right marketing techniques, I’ve created multiple video series teaching markers how to quickly and cost effectively include video production in their companies marketing plan.

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Teaching Entrepreneurship

Lectures and Mentorship

My brother and I taught a 300 student engineering 101 class about how to get started on projects to learn the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. I also volunteered as a mentor at Innovation Quest after attending their entrepreneurship program.

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Personalizing open work environments

My team set out to solve the problem of 40,000+ square foot offices at tech giants like Genentech where employees can sit wherever they like. Problems arise around finding your team members, applying ergonomic preferences to a different location each day, etc…

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Sensing Solutions for Aerial Delivery

Senior Design Mechanical Engineering

My team designed and built a shock resistant computer to sit inside exploding platforms used when airdropping heavy machinery like humvees. The sensor array was built to qualify new exploding platform designs by logging air pressure and acceleration during impact.

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Product Design & Manufacture

Eleframes Interlocking Photograph Displays

I raised $30K in grant money to design and manufacture a consumer product. I learned how to scale production in China, market it on college campuses, and all of the operations that accompany running a consumer goods business.

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Autonomous Navigation

Quadcopter design & programming

Sophomore year of college I convinced a grant department to give me $5000 to design a quadcopter that would descend on its own into a mineshaft and locate lost miners. I had limited programming experience and used the project as a self led course in robotics.

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Sensors Laboratory

FPGA & Brain Implant Manufacturing

Freshman year of college I worked in a ME lab designing a capacitive sensor used to measure the alignment of a machine that manufactures brain implants. The machine presses micron deep ridges into thin steel plates. The machine’s distortion is measured to determine if the ridges are the correct depth.

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Mechanical / Electrical Engineering

My self proclaimed robotics degree

I went to college to learn robotics. I majored in Mechanical Engineering, though I fufilled all the requirements for Electrical Engineering as well … since Universities are a business, I only got to choose 1.

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Helium Neon Laser

Design & Glass Blowing

Growing up, my next door neighbor was a technical glass blower. He built oxygen detectors for hospitals with his hands, among other projects. I worked with him to design a Helium Neon laser, which he built. I sourced the correct components from a professor at the University of Pennsylvania & approached a local neon sign shop to fill it with gas.

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Eagle Scout Project

Landscape Architecture

I worked with landscape architects, contractors, and my community to reimagine a neglected stretch of hill in the center of my town. I designed the hillside, raised $3000 and organized 38 volunteers over 2 days. A decade later, the hillside continues to flourish and is maintained by the local garden club.

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Canon D70 / Nikon D5300

I look back through my pictures and I’m amazed by what I remember. I took well over 100K photos in college, and 50K photos since. They’re mostly for me, though I share my favorites with my family & friends.

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Poetry / Songs

Stories from my life

I can’t play an instrument while I sing, so I fill the space with words. I’m not a rapper, but I appreciate stringing together stories and ideas in quick succession, listen closely, listen again, you may not understand the first time, that’s okay. Emotional situations inspire the best art.